How to Make the Most of TEDxCSU 2016

TEDxCSU is on March 5th at the Colorado State University Lory Student Center Theatre. Tickets are $5 students, and $30 for community members. We have ten brilliant leaders speaking on a range of subject areas from the importance of understanding sharks to Interfaith Cooperation. Additionally, there will be an “innovation alley,” where local entrepreneurs and innovators will be conducting hands-on experiments, and artists will be showing off their work. We can’t wait to celebrate the amazing Fort Collins and CSU community with you! 

The TEDxCSU team has come up with ways that you can make the most of TEDxCSU, whether you are a student, professional, parent, or just curious by-stander! We are so excited about the 2016 conference, and we hope you are, too!

1. Enjoy the day! TEDxCSU is an all day conference, starting at eleven (with doors opening at ten) and ending at five-thirty. Although that may seem like a full day, remember there is *free* food, interactive fun and ten speakers to keep you entertained. Plus, how many Saturdays do you spend immersing yourself in your community? If not many, this will be a Saturday to remember! enjoying-life-iheartfaces-wm

2. Introduce yourself! TED was founded on the idea that through bringing together leaders and innovators from different sectors, society can strengthen in all areas. TEDx brings this same notion of collaboration to life. Someone you bump into at the conference could be a leader in the field you’re interested in, an friend you haven’t met yet, or a potential business parter. Don’t be scared to introduce yourself.


3. Have an open mind! With ten speakers all with a plethora of unique expertise and passions, it is almost certain all of their ideals will not match yours. But how boring would it be if they were?! TEDx is all about learning, so come into the day with an open mind, ready to listen and respect a new point of view. A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it is open!


4. Take Notes!  We encourage you to bring a notebook to jot down key ideas from each talk, especially the ones that move you. Additionally, we encourage you to take down names of acquaintances you meet, and thoughts that come to mind during the day. The conference will go by fast, and through jotting down important thoughts, you are making sure you are getting the most out of the time during the present, and for the future!


5. Learn about TED and TEDx! Although TEDxCSU is right down the street for most of us, TED is an international platform that has hosted some of the most profound innovators of our day, including Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell and Al Gore, just to name a few. TED talks started in 1984 in California as a grass-root event aimed at expanding leadership opportunities in what is now Sillicon Valley. Today, almost every community hosts independently organized TEDx events, working to fulfill the slogan that TEDx brings “Ideas Worth Spreading”. TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. You can find out more about TED and TEDx at


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