TEDxCSU Searching for Speakers for Conference on March 2

TEDxCSU has just launched the speaker hunt for our second annual conference, which will be held on March 2, 2013. We are searching the community for riveting talks, inspiring stories, transformative concepts, and powerful ideas worth spreading.

We want to know what makes you tick? What are you passionate about? What are you an expert on? What story do you have to share with the world? What idea do you have that is worth spreading?

Absolutely any topic that you are interested in sharing is game. This year we have taken away all of the boundaries on the types of talks we are looking for and we are letting you decide what the event will look like this year.

At TEDxCSU we are here to offer a platform for you to share your powerful ideas with the community. This is your opportunity to create change and inspire the people of your city.

This event is organized by our community, for our community. So yes, it is you the community of Fort Collins and CSU that we are asking to tell us what the talks will be like this year.

Anyone and everyone that is interested in speaking are encouraged to apply online at https://tedxcsu.wordpress.com/apply/. We ask that you also tell us the types of talks that you would like to hear by sending speaker recommendations to tedxcsu@colostate.edu.

The deadline to apply to speak at TEDxCSU has been extended to December 21st. We do however ask that you try to get them in sooner rather than later so that we are able to give you feedback on your application. Submitting multiple topics will also be allowed.

 So now its your turn, go apply and tell us what you want to share with the world!


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