Come Join TEDxCSU at Fort Collins Park(ing) Day This Friday

Join us this Friday at our PARK in front of  the Pickle Barrel off of Laurel St. 

This Friday -in cities all around the globe- artists, activists and citizens will transform their cities public parking spaces into temporary public parks and other social spaces, as part of an annual event called “Park(ing) Day.”

Founded in 2005 by Rebar, a San Francisco-based art and design studio, PARK(ing) Day invites people to rethink the way streets are used and promotes discussion around the need for broad-based changes to urban infrastructure. “Urban inhabitants worldwide recognize the need for new approaches to making cities,” says Rebar principal Matthew Passmore. “ The planning strategies that have led to traffic congestion, pollution and poor health in cities everywhere do not reflect contemporary values, nor are they sustainable.

PARK(ing) Day raises these issues and demonstrates that even temporary projects can improve the character and quality of the city.”

Since 2005 Park(ing) Day has grown to nearly 1,000 parks, 162 cities, and 35 countries. The purpose behind Park(ing) day has also transformed over the years as it has given each community the opportunity to tailor the purpose and intent to the needs and values of their communities. Participants have broadened the scope of PARK installations to fulfill a range of unmet social needs. “From public parks to free health clinics, from art galleries to demonstration gardens, PARK(ing) Day participants have claimed these parking space as a rich new territory for creative experimentation, activism, socializing and play,” says John Bela, a Rebar principal.

With such a rich, creative culture and active community, it should come as no surprise that the Park(ing) Day movement has made its way to the city of Fort Collins. This Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. there will be three separate PARK installations throughout the Old Town area. One of which will be off of Laurel St. in front of the Pickle Barrel, the other will be on Remington and Mountain in front of Equinox, and the third PARK will be off of College St. in the Old Town area.

The purpose of Fort Collins Park(ing) Day is tailored to promoting community and sustainability through public space and to get people to rethink the importance of the human experience and the effects that our surrounding environments have on us.

“We are reclaiming a space used for vehicular transportation, which is unsustainable, and turning it into a useable green space,” said CSU Landscape Architecture student Brandon Parsons.

Parsons was one of the initiators that brought this movement to Fort Collins. The three parking spaces, which will be located around the Old Town area, were all designed by members in the Associated Students for Landscape Architecture (ASLA) organization at CSU. ASLA held a design competition for the parking spaces and the top three were chosen to participate in Park(ing) Day.

The students participating in this project have high hopes that Fort Collins Park(ing) Day will become an annual event.


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