The 2 Pillars of TED

The 2 Pillars of TED

TED has created a culture of innovation, energy, and ideas that has taken the world by storm. However, many people are not aware of the culture that has been created because their experience with TED up to now has been at a distance, watching TED talks and interacting with the TED community online.

The birth of TEDx, which is an independently organized TED event, has given our communities the opportunity to truly experience in person what TED is all about.

Something that many people do not know is that there are 2 pillars to TED. Both of these pillars are of equal importance. The first pillar, which we all are familiar with is the talks. These talks come from fascinating intellectuals from all around the world who are given 18 minutes to share their ‘Idea Worth Spreading.’ These talks are powerful, interesting, emotional, and amazing. The talks are what draw people to the event. But, the second pillar, which is of equal importance, is the experience outside the talks.

A great friend of mine described the power behind TED and TEDx events as the ‘space in between.’ What he meant is that the most powerful and important things that happen at the event come from the conversations outside of the talks. The social sessions at the event foster authentic collaborative relationship building. The depth of conversations hit an entirely new level with people sharing their ideas, talking about their passions, discussing change, and contemplating the future.

It is remarkable what can come from these conversations and discussing your ideas with people who can help bring them to life. SO, at your next TEDx event we encourage you to let yourself be absorbed by the atmosphere, share your ideas, discuss your passions, and introduce yourself to everyone you don’t know.


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