TEDxCSU Speaker Line up

We could not be more excited to finally announce the official line-up for TEDxCSU “Growing Greener Generations”. We received over 50 incredible applications, so a great thanks goes out to each and every person that applied. Without further adieu, we present to you the speakers of TEDxCSU 2012!

1. Bill Ritter: Bill Ritter is the former governor of Colo. as well as the Director of the Center for New Energy Economy at Colorado State University. He has devoted his career to sustainability and we are excited to announce that he will be discussing the future of energy in Colorado.

2. Hunter Lovins: Hunter Lovins is an author and promoter of sustainable development. She was a co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and is currently the president of Natural Capitalism Solutions (a non profit in Longmont, Colorado). She has been named a “green business icon” by Newsweek as well as “Hero of the planet” by Time Magazine. http://natcapsolutions.org/

3. Sanjukta Santra: Sanjukta is an inspiring sophomore from Fossil Ridge Highschool, in Fort Collins, Colo. She has more passion to save the world than almost anyone you will ever meet. 15-year-old Sanjukta, is most interested in ending hunger around the world. Her generation will be responsible for changing the world, and it’s a vision like hers that inspires and gives us hope. 

4. Shermin de Silva: Shermin is a postdoc at CSU in the Department of  Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. Shermin is involved in the unique work of studying Asian elephants. Her work is the first ever, long-term study of Asian elephants. She has tracked the lives of nearly 600 individuals, unraveling their friendships and meaning of their communication. The focus of Shermin’s work is on human/wildlife conflict and  issues behind large scale agriculture. http://elephantresearch.net/

5. Amy Prieto: Amy is the founder of Prieto Battery, a local company whose vision is to utilize our next generation battery technology to revolutionize a new electric economy. Her company’s mission is to commercialize a low cost battery using nontoxic materials that delivers transformational performance at 1000x high power density than any current known technology, without compromising energy density. This new battery technology has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry. http://prietobattery.com/

6. Stephanie Barr: Stephanie is an associate at the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University, specializing in green school research and consulting. Stephanie is passionate about advancing the development of sustainable, healthy schools, designed for educating the next generation of sustainability leaders.  Her expertise includes managing the integration of sustainability into school design and facility operations, facilitating stakeholder buy-in and education, creating building-focused resources for educational programs, and researching the impact and effectiveness of green building and sustainability programs.  Stephanie holds a degree in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University and a Masters of Sustainable Design from Colorado State University.

7. Keith Webber: Keith is an author, speaker and consultant to the financial services industry. He had spent the majority of his life as a financial adviser in Northern Colorado, until one day when something huge changed his life. This will be a must see talk that we cannot tell you more about without ruining it!

8. Mike Moore: Mike is the founder of Tres Birds Workshop in Boulder, Colo. Tres Birds is an architecture and general contracting practice that focuses on lowering embodied energy in the making and using of buildings. Mike combines art, architecture, and his passion for the environment to solve incredible design problems for companies. http://tresbirds.com/

9. Ed Goodman: Ed is an inventive thinker and creatively-oriented technical and management professional, Ed’s career has spanned the fields of marketing, strategic planning, engineering, land planning, television/media production, entertainment and non-profit think tank management. Over 25 years of interdisciplinary problem-solving experience, with consistent effectiveness in ideation and implementation of optimal solutions. Ed crafted new thinking models known as the Challenge-Solution Model, the Visioneering Process, Creative Dreamscaping and is a co-creator with Dave Goodman of the Spiral Thinking Theory. spiralexperiences.com

10. David Firth: David is an independent management consultant as well as an author of many books on the interface between organizational development, individual well-being, and personal growth. David’s talk will be titled, “Life is How you Language It!” in which he will be discussing the power of language and how our word choice can help us create a sustainable future.

11. James Mitchell: James is a local Realtor in Fort Collins, Colo. He is the chair of the Fort Collins Board of Realtor’s Sustainability Committee, which is the first of its kind in the nation. His passion for sustainability has led him to focus his efforts into integrating sustainability into real-estate. James has developed an innovative concept that could revolutionize the entire real-estate industry.

12. Brian DunbarBrian is director of the Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) and professor of Construction Management at Colorado State University. Professor Dunbar holds two degrees in architecture from the University of Michigan and is a U.S. Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional.Professor Dunbar created the graduate emphasis in sustainable building at Colorado State and directs and teaches university and professional courses on sustainable building, including annual courses in Costa Rica and on St. John, USVI.


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  1. Extremely excited about this event and what’s to come of it.
    They all sound like great speakers, especially Stephanie Barr!

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