Temple Grandin Hosts TEDxCSU


TEDxCSU is excited to welcome Temple Grandin to the team! Dr. Grandin will be the official host of TEDxCSU and will be giving a five minute welcome to kick off the start of the event.

The official date of the event still remains to be determined. It will be planned around Dr. Grandin’s schedule for sometime in late March or April.

Temple Grandin is an American Doctor of Animal Science and a well renowned professor at Colorado State University.  She is a best selling author and a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior.

Temple Grandin spoke at the 2010 TED Conference in Long Beach, Calif., regarding her life with autism and how the ‘World Needs all Kinds of Minds‘.


“Grandin’s books about her interior life as an autistic person have increased the world’s understanding of the condition with personal immediacy — and with import, as rates of autism diagnosis rise. She is revered by animal rights groups and members of autistic community, perhaps because in both regards she is a voice for those who are sometimes challenged to make themselves heard.”


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