Colorado Collaborates When it Comes to TEDx -Nick Armstrong

One of the coolest things I’ve been asked to do after bringing TEDxFoCo to Fort Collins, Colorado for the first time is suggest some advice for TEDxCSU and TEDxFrontRange.

TEDxCSU is a work in progress by two students from Colorado State University (my alma mater). Hannah and Brooke’s vision, their passion, and their commitment to bringing TEDx to a bigger audience is incredibly inspiring. The ideas we shared were quite valuable, everything from what the trickiest part of TEDxFoCo was to how TEDxCSU would go about gathering sponsors.

Paul and the folks at TEDxFrontRange (down the road a bit in Loveland, Colorado) has invited me to talk to their steering committee later next week, and I have a feeling it will be a great collaboration as well.

I left the brainstorming session with Brooke and Hannah of TEDxCSU not only happy that I was able to give them practical advice earned from running TEDxFoCo, but also inspired and armed with plenty of new ideas to improve TEDxFoCo!

TEDx organizers are some of the sharpest, most innovative people you will meet.

Opening yourself up to network with the other organizers in your area is a fantastic way to improve your own events, so get out there and say hi!

Written by Nick Armstrong, TEDxFoCo


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